Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Telling My Boyfriend

At first it was easy blaming my boyfriend for the decision to have an abortion. I just continued to remind myself that it was because of his temper that I finally ended up at Planned Parenthood. But soon the truth crept up on me - how could I blame someone who didn’t even know what really happened? So one night while in the car I told him about the abortion. The silence was almost deafening as he pulled the car over and jumped out. For a moment I was scared of what might come next until I saw him fall to his knees in front of the car, put his head down and cry. I had never seen him so vulnerable, so heartbroken. The pain I kept trying to forget came flooding in like a massive wave and I cried. I cried for my boyfriend and the baby that was stolen from him. I cried for myself and the emptiness I would carry around forever. And finally I cried for the baby who never had a chance.